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    can MBean invoke EJB method ?

    yancheng Newbie

      Can I invoke a EJB's method from MBean ?

      I want received some Tibco RV's message, so I don't use the JMS. If I can invoke EJB, then I may use MBean instead of MDB? Is it idea right?

      thank you.

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          Derek Hulley Newbie

          Yes. I was checking it out as well, and the following worked, effectively passing a value from the MBean to the EJB, i.e. as a means of manually calling an EJB method. I have ordered the JMX book, so I might find out that there are more efficient ways of doing this.
          public void setFileName(String fileName) throws Exception {
          try {
          Context ctx = new InitialContext();
          Object obj = ctx
          TestReaderHome testReaderHome = (TestReaderHome) PortableRemoteObject
          .narrow(obj, TestReaderHome.class);
          TestReader testReader = testReaderHome.create();
          } catch (Exception e) {
          throw e;


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            i don't think there are more efficient ways to go about this (at the moment anyway) but hope you enjoy the book nevertheless