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    Runtime JMX Monitoring

    Steven Haines Newbie

      After briefly perusing the JMX console in JBoss 3.x it appears that configuration information is exposed, but that runtime performance information is not. Is this true? Am I looking in the wrong place? Does JBoss have the concept of runtime MBeans

      For example, I can find out the maximum number of database connections in a connection pool and the connection URL, but I cannot find out how many connections are currently in use, if there is a prepared statement cache (and if so what how many statements are in use), the high water mark of connections in use, are there any waiters for a connection in the pool, etc.

      This investigation is not limited to database connections, consider web thread pool sizes, ejb thread pool size, bean cache sizes, activation and passivation rates, bean pool sizes, servlet pool sizes, JVM memory usage, garbage collection duration and intervals, HTTP Sessions, JMS Servers and Destination usage, JTA statistics, other JCA connection interfaces, etc.

      Is there an initiative to require component developers to expose this type of internal performance data? Has this request come up before?

      Or again am I just not looking in the right place?

      Adding this information not only will help administrators manage JBoss servers and clusters, but will also help developers understand how their application are running and where both the server and the application can be tuned.


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          There are random bits of information available as part of some MBeans but there is no consistent view to the runtime statistics of the server.

          I guess no one got around doing it/busy doing other stuffs etc. These are not very difficult to add usually, if you comfortable with going through the code.