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    RMI Connector & ConnectionFactory

    Dimitris Andreadis Master


      I want to proxy to a special kind of MBeans through MBeanServers that may either local or remote.

      1) When running outside JBoss, is there an easy way to use the RMI connector, without having to instantiate an MBeanServer + ConnectionFactory

      2) When runnin inside JBoss, how can I get a reference to the local MBean server, if I'm not an MBean?

      Ideally, I would like to have an RMI Connector factory+Connector that

      a) Can proxy to both local and remote MBeanServers (by quering JNDI for Adaptors)
      b) Avoids going over RMI for local MBeanServers
      c) Doesn't have to be an MBean itself, to avoid depending on the existance of a local MBean server.

      Suggestion and pointers greatly appreciated

      Best Regards