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    Redeploy doesn't reload my new classes

    Klause Al Nascimento Newbie

      Is there any tip to redeploy the application and make JBoss 3.0.3 reload the new classes without having to restart JBoss?

      To deploy I just copy the ear file to default/deploy and JBoss redeploys it automatically but it doesn't reload the classes I have changed?

      I tryed:

      - Touch web.xml and application.xml
      - Redeploy from jmx console
      - Stop and start the context from jmx console
      - Install another version of JBoss
      - Other things I don't remember anymore

      I'm stuck in this problem for 2 days. I have searched the forum and haven't found any solution.
      I have a Win 2000 box.

      Please help me, I'm wasting lot of time restarting JBoss every time I change my classes.