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    Problem with hot redeploy of mbeans

    DRAI William Newbie


      I have put in my deploy directory a jar file and a user-service.xml which uses a class in the jar file, like this :

      deploy/test.jar : test/Test.class

      deploy/test-service.xml :


      All of this deploys well the first time. The problem is that when I redeploy the test.jar library, I get this behaviour :
      ... test.jar undeployed
      ... test-service destroyed
      ... test.jar deployed

      So due to the dependency, the MBean gets undeployed but it is not redeployed after the jar is redeployed.
      Same if I have test1-service.xml, test2-service.xml, etc.
      All get undeployed but I have to redeploy them manually.

      Is this a bug or normal behaviour (I am using JBoss-3.0.3 but I have not tried with JBoss-3.2) ?

      Thanks for your answer