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    Using JBoss JMX  from a JDMK client

    Geoff Bullen Newbie

      I am trying to use the JBoss rim interface to access remote mBeans from a client that already has the JMK classes loaded (in this case from SUN's JDMK). when I do so, I get Java serialization errors all over the place.
      Sample code:

      Set s = server.queryNames( null, null );
      Iterator it = s.iterator();
      while( it.hasNext() ) {
      ObjectName name = (ObjectName)it.next(); // bye bye

      I looked at the JBoss JMX implementation of ObjectName and it is quite different from the standard JMX implementation - you even added an extra attribute.

      Why have you done this? Doesn't it effectively mean that it is now VERY hard to use the JBoss JMX in conjunction with any other JMX implementation?
      Any thoughts as to how I solve my little problem, without the pain of creating a separate class loader and doing lots of converstions....

      Thoughts and comments all welcome...