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    how can we look up a datasource without prefix "java:/"

    thinh Newbie

      i dont' have any jboss.jcml file, just a xml file for the pool configuration. I don't know if this file jboss.jcml exist in jboss 3.x.
      actually i would like to look a poolname without prefix "java:/", but jboss forces us to look up a datasource name in this form "java:/poolName".
      In jboss book 3.x there is an example with NamingAlias


      and the author wrote that the code above has to be added into a jboss.jcml file.

      1)Where must be this file saved?
      2) in the code above name="jboss.mq:service=NamingAlias,fromName=QueueConnectionFactory" references to a MQ resource? and what should i specify for this name if i would like to set an Alias for a DB datasource?
      3) is there any other solution in order to look up a db datasource without prefix "java:/"

      Thank you a lot