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    "JBoss Architecture"

    Vicky Kak Master

      I have been working on Jboss for last seven months and now I have been able to undestand its architect.As I dont have the manuals from Jboss so I would like to get my understanding cleared from JBoss Developers.So here goes my Undestanding:
      1)The JBoss Spine is the Mbean Server of the JMX specification.Keeping the Jboss Spine as the Mbean Server of the jmx specifications,it makes the Jboss Managable.The magemment logic could have been developed without following the specs also but it beeter to go ahead with the specifications put forward.
      2) Starting the Jboss Spine causes the boot up operations and Properitory Class Loader(UnifiedClassLoader) to load the applicaitons to be deployed.So the Spine should always be checking if some deployed component has changed.If so then it should reload the Component resulting in the reloading of its classloader.This way the Hot Deployment will work.
      3) In the Jboss3.0.2 they have developed the HtmlAdapter by which you can view the Agent Level Services(as Mbean),which of cource we do get by typing http://localhost:8080/jmx-console.
      Is this a way the Jboss goes?
      Also Mbean Server implementation is provided by sun itself we are just using it ,do Jboss group plan to use Develop its Mbean Server implementation in future?I can understand currently that the Jboss just uses the implemetation provided by default jmx.jar.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Why don't you buy the docs? You will easily get the
          money back just in the time saved from a better

          Core JBoss is an MBeanServer and some MBeans.
          The decoupling provided by JMX is a part to how
          JBoss works. Management Instrumention is a bonus,
          but not the main reason why JBoss is built on JMX.

          Hot Deployment is provided by the deployer MBeans
          and the DeploymentScanner.
          The UCL allows different deployments to see each other's
          classes. It is not the classloader that allows
          hot deployment.

          The MBeanServer is implemented by JBoss from the specs.
          See lib/jboss-jmx.jar
          jmxri.jar is only there so you could run Sun's
          The latest versions of JBoss use a J2EE html adaptor
          and don't include jmxri.jar.


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            Greg Turner Apprentice

            <so I would like to get my understanding cleared from JBoss Developers>

            Good luck. IMHO, developers don't want to waste their own free time explaining things that are already explained in the docs.

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              Vicky Kak Master

              Thanks Adrian for your support.Is it possible for you to make some training arrangment in India,In India believe me you can get the most of the market.
              I have already mailed this to Jboss group but did not get any response.It is not possible for me to go to Honk-Kong and attend the training.

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                Vicky Kak Master

                I enquired regarding the docs here but was just able to get only "JBOSS 3.0 ADMINISTRATION AND DEVELOPMENT DOCUMENTATION".Is that fine for understanding the Architecture of Jboss.