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    Should I use   the whole JBOSS or just JBOSSMX

    Gautham Newbie

      I am building an application which will monitor / manage different applications running on different machines.

      I will create one MBean for each instance of application in my agent. The MBean implementation will talk to the applications on running on different machines using proprietary protocols and also the MBean will start threads to poll the applications on different machines.

      The number of applications will grow into hundreds and so the MBean instances. The MBean implementations need to store data into RDB also.

      All MBean instances generate "event" and these events will be queued to be matched against a set of rules. The events will also be forwarded to remote clients such as event viewers.

      For this type of agent, should I use the whole JBOSS server or just JBOSSMX?

      Thank you