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    Configuring multiple JNDI connections

    Per Thomas Jahr Newbie

      Hi, I'm programming a stateless session bean that will perform searches for names and telephone numbers for people at our site. All this information is stored in our central LDAP server. I use the JBoss internal naming server for all bean lookups.

      What is the correct way to confiugre the initial context and provider URL for the external LDAP? My goal is to do this in a way so that I don't have to hardcode the URL inside the bean.

      Is there someway one can configure new JNDI sources like datasources?

      Here is a couple of alternatives that I can think of...

      * Use several versions of the jndi.properties. Some of the JBoss classes has to be changed.
      * Set the parameters (URL, initial context) in the beans XML descriptor.