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    Miro Newbie

      I have MBean based on TimerMBean. Somewhere I read, that I have to put following line into jboss-service.xml
      <mbean code="javax.management.timer.Timer" name="DefaultDomain:service=timer"/>
      In jmx-console of jboss it is as running, but in log is following:
      11:55:35,168 ERROR [URLDeploymentScanner] MBeanException: Exception in MBean operation 'checkIncompleteDeployments()'
      Cause: Incomplete Deployment listing:
      Packages waiting for a deployer:
      Incompletely deployed packages:
      MBeans waiting for classes:
      MBeans waiting for other MBeans:
      [ObjectName: DefaultDomain:service=timer
      state: CREATED
      I Depend On:
      Depends On Me: ]
      What with it?