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    jmx-console login/passwords

    Greg Newbie


      Where are the login/passwords for the jmx-console stored?

      I've changed:
      - jmx-console.war\WEB-INF\web.xml
      - jmx-console.war\WEB-INF\jboss-web.xml

      and now require a login/password to access the jmx-console. This works fine with admin/admin but I need to change the password.

      Also, what's the best book to get for learning about JBoss security? I'd like to get my head around this stuff better.


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          If you're using the UsersRolesLoginModule in your login-config.xml then you need to add users.properties and roles.properties under your WEB-INF/classes dir that contains the user names, passwords and role mappings.

          JBoss 3.0 Admin book explains this and more.