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    [ANN] JMX Console Based on Eclipse

    Ganghua Guo Newbie

      The XtremeJ Corp proudly announces the availability of the Early Access Edition of the XtremeJ Management Console, a JMX management console based on the popular Eclipse platform. It is available for free evaluation.

      The XtremeJ Management Console gives the J2EE developers and administrators an intuitive user interface to access, manage, and monitor the JMX based services:

      * View the MBean metadata
      * Get and set the MBean attributes
      * Invoke MBean operations
      * Unregister MBeans
      * Create MBeans
      * Receive MBean notifications

      While the XtremeJ Management Console is a management application for generic JMX services, it primarily focuses on providing a monitoring and management tool for J2EE application servers that implement the JMX specification. Currently it supports the following two Java applications servers:

      * JBoss (versions 2.4.x - 3.2.0beta)
      * WebLogic (versions 6.1 - 7.0)

      For more information, please visit http://www.xtremej.com.

      XtremeJ Corp
      Newark, California