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    MBean dependancy problem

    Joe G Newbie

      Hi, I'm using JBoss 3.0.4. I have a custom MBean that implements the MBeanRegistration interface to start it up. The problem is that it depends on a Queue to be registered before it can run. I've tried the following in my service.xml
      "<mbean ...

      but it still tries to run before the Queue is registered. Any help is apprecieated.

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          Joe G Newbie

          Well after some due diligence on the forums, It seems that the &lt;depends&gt; tag is only relevant if you are implementing the JBossService interface.

          Then I would put my startup code in the start() method rather than the postRegister method. In fact using the JMXRegistration stuff would be unecessary.

          It seems strange that a deployment dependency is linked to an interface, MBean should be enough. After all isn't the agent capable of ordering deployment without requiring additional interfaces?

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            Joe G Newbie

            Using ServiceMBeanSupport has solved my problem of dependancies. I do have one question though; Is there a way to reference a single element that stands for ALL Queues?


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              Adrian Brock Master

              The Service interface is only a helper,
              it is only a requirement to specify create/start/etc
              in your management interface.

              on all queues is not possible at the moment

              The semantics are unclear.
              e.g. If a new queue is deployed do we restart your