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    RichFaces functionality not working after connecting Tomcat

    ter ron Newbie


      I am having a strange problem:

      I have an application running on Tomcat, and I was using the Tomcat HTTP functionality (Coyote) until, because of requirements I cannot avoid, I connected Tomcat to Apache.

      I am using Tomcat 6 and Apache 2.0.59.
      The connector is the JK2, because I used that in other cases and it did what it had to do.

      All looks fine, instead of using http://myServer.com:8080/myApp
      I use http://myServer.com/myApp
      and all seems to work fine...

      until I come to the RichFaces elements suggestionbox or modalPanel. No suggestionbox nor modalPanel is appearing !

      rich:dataTable works
      and even Ajax4JSF functionality like a4j:support works. So, it cannot be the ajax request, can it?

      In the same server, if I use Tomcat without the connector (direct with port 8080) those failing RichFaces elements work 100%.

      Any idea welcome,