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    How to select a tab from xhtml page

    Natalia Ponomareva Newbie

      Hey guys, i would appreciate if somebody can answer my question. We are developing application using seam and richfaces. I have a xhtml page, that contains a button. Once user pressed the button, it must be redirect to a page with tabs. Is there is a way to define what tab will be open in the following code?

      <s:button view="/doSomething.seam"
       value="To the third tab of a panel">

      doSomething.seam opens a page with definition of tab panel
      <rich:tabPanel switchType="server">
       <rich:tab label="first panel" id="firstTab" >
       <ui:include src="..."/>
       <rich:tab label="second panel" id="secndTab">
       <ui:include src="...."/>
       <rich:tab label="third panel" id="thirdTab">
       <ui:include src="..."/>

      Thanks for attention