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    MEJB vs MBeanServer

    simone Newbie

      Hi All,

      I'm a bit confused. I read the jsr77(mejb) spec and jmx spec, and I'm trying to understand how to use them under an appsrv (let's say JBoss), in particular from the point of view of an EJB developer.

      I understard that I use jmx as a protocol to access management information from outside the app server, using some kind of adapter(rmi/http).

      I understand that a J2EEManagedObject as described in jsr77 dictate what every managed EJB should support at minimum.

      Also, I undestand that the management information accessed using jmx are kept in the MBeanServer as collection of MBean info, instead management information described in jsr77 are accessed using the javax.management.j2ee.management interface implemented by the ejb/mgmt/MEJB 'object' and are kept in a collection of J2EEManagedObject s.

      So, what's the difference between the MEJB and MBeanServer? Is the MEJB only a remote interface for the MBeanServer or there's more?

      If I want to release a manageable EJB, should I create an MBean and register it to the MBeanServer (aka the jmx-way), or should I implement the J2EEManagedObject 'interface' (aka the jsr77-way)?

      Thanks for any help.