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    Managing multiple MBeans through an Aggregate MBean

    Mark Udstrand Newbie

      The environment that I am integrating JMX into includes a SingleThreadModel servlet. I have created an MBean for the servlet at an instance level, however the aggregated information is what is desirable. For example getting or setting the timeout value across all instances of the servlets. To do this, I have an MBean that is started as a startup class that interacts with all of the instance level MBeans. For read only fields, this works fine. However, for R/W fields it creates an interesting problem.

      Using the timeout for example, if that changes, the goal is to change it across all instances which happens when the aggregate MBean interface is accessed. However, since the local instance MBeans need to be R/W to allow access for the aggregate MBean, this means that someone could easily change the timeout on a single instance, which is what I want to avoid.

      This issue would be similar when trying to manage multiple MDB's through a common MBean as well.

      Any suggestions?