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    MBean cant access EJB's after hot redeploy

    mekatoka Newbie


      I have an MBean, which starts with the JBoss at startup. This MBean, is a timer which checks an EJB for some data.

      Everything is working fine but i have small problem

      When i do a hot redeploy, i get the following error stack,

      15:14:39,779 ERROR [STDERR] java.rmi.ServerException: EJBException:; nested exce
      ption is:
      javax.ejb.EJBException: Invalid invocation, check your deployment packag
      ing, method=public abstract java.util.Collection com.cserver.schedule.Schedule_Home.findAll() throws javax.ejb.FinderException,java.rmi.RemoteExc

      I am using

      JBoss 3.0.4, CMP 2.0 EJB

      Can somebody tell me what am i missing there ?


      Meka Toka

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Your MBean is seeing the older version of the class,
          actually it is a java.lang.reflect.Method object.

          Typically you should redeploy the MBean if the
          interface changes. You could always separate the
          interfaces into a separate deployment if you
          just want to change the implementation.

          You should also check you don't have the interfaces
          classes deployed twice.