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    Is MBean applicable?

    Felipe Coury Newbie

      I need to make my application configuration depend on a xml file and would like to make it hot deployable.

      Is it possible to achieve that (send a few configuration strings) using MBeans? Is there any sample on that?


      Felipe Coury

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          Pratik Patel Newbie

          I'm not certain what you aim is (is this MBean a service?) but have a look at mail-service.xml in your deploy/ directory. You can see in this ServiceMBean config file that XML is set as an attribute under the name Configuration:

          <!-- Test -->

          <!-- Change to your mail server prototocol -->


          If you browse the code for the mail service, you will see that when setConfiguration is called the XML "fragment" beginning with is set to a local XML node object, then parsed to setup the contained properties.