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    Dependencies between multiple .ear

    Radu Mateescu Newbie


      I have a generic ear which contain some Java classes, basic EJBs and a small .war and I have another .ear archives which depend on some Java classes/EJBs from the generic .ear Is there any way to specify the dependencies between ear archives ? I know there is something like Class-Path added to the manifest file, but does this work with jars "hiden" inside another ear (generic ear in our case)? Or maybe a higher level dependency directly betwen ear's (something like in the jboss-app.xml. BTW can someone please send me the link to the JBoss specific DTDs?). Ideally, since there are such dependencies between ear's, maybe they should be consolidated into a single archive, but I don't want to redeploy everything everytime I change something in an EJB.
      Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?
      Thank you

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          Radu Mateescu Newbie

          I found the DTDs under /docs/dtd. Sorry for missing this. The dependency question still stands though :)

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            Barry M. Caceres Newbie

            I could not find a way to cause the redeployment of
            one EAR trigger the redeployment of another, BUT I there
            is a way to control the deployment order to guarantee
            one EAR deploys before the other.

            You need to edit the "jboss-service.xml" for you server
            (should be in the server's "conf" directory).

            There are a pair of lines that look like:


            You need to change these by commenting out the first line and uncommenting the second line:


            THEN, you need to rename your EAR's with a numeric
            prefix (e.g.: "01." or "02."). JBoss' deployment scanner
            will now sort your EAR files according to the prefix

            If your base ear file comes firs then your EAR that depends on it should not have a problem.