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    Dynamic Registration of MBean

    Chris Bono Newbie

      We have an application that has to run on multiple appservers (jboss and weblogic namely). In our application we have about 10 services (MBeans). Currently for each of these services we have an entry in the appserver specific config file that defines the service.

      We want to create a generic service loader that loads all of these services in a generic fashion (same across weblogic, jboss, etc..). The reason is that otherwise we would have to keep track of multiple proprietary config files w/ 10 proprietary specific configurations in each file. Basically with this approach we will have one MBean (GenericServiceLoader) that has to be bootstrapped to the appserver (thus only 1 entry in the config file to deal with). Now in order to achieve this we have to abstract out the "installation" of the service into the JMX implementation. So finally, my question is what is the recommended method for registering mbeans at runtime into the jboss jmx impl?