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    Using HeirarchicalLoaderRepository3

    Barry M. Caceres Newbie

      I am trying to follow the instrutions in the 3.0.5
      documentation about isolating my EAR.

      I created a SAR for the purpose of creating my own
      HeirarchicalLoaderRepository3 instances for loading
      classes. Each of my EAR files will contain a
      jboss-app.xml that will instruct it to use its assigned
      repository as opposed to the default one.

      HOWEVER, being new to JMX and the jboss-service.xml
      files, I am at a loss on how to create the named
      repository instances I will use.

      Here is the scoop...
      I have an exploded SAR:
      +-- META-INF
      +-- jboss-service.xml

      The jboss-service.xml is VERY simple... it looks like:

      <?xml versio="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!DOCTYPE server>

      BUT, when JBoss tries to deploy this it warns me that
      HeirarchicalLoaderRepository3 does NOT have a public
      default constructor. I checked the source code and
      sure enough it doesn't. I cannot find another MBean
      instance that lacks a public default constructor.


      Am I suppose to extend HeirarchicalLoaderRepository3?

      - or -

      Is there an XML example of how to construct this MBean
      with a constructor that takes parameters?

      Sorry if this is a stupid question. But I am at a loss,
      and maybe I just don't understand what the documentation
      was saying or left out.

      The best answer would include an example jboss-service.xml
      that I could use.