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    ModalPanel bug

    Dennis Newbie


      I really love the look of your modalPanel elements! But sometimes I wonder if you can work with the library without doing anything like typo errors or else!

      The first problem is why I can't put a modalPanel into a form? If I do, their nothing what pops up. But that's not the primary problem, the main issue is that their is no point in the documentation which says "Don't do that"!

      The other problem is that you hide every error message,
      the Richfaces.showModalPanel method could trigger a exception if the panel is not their, so a developer / user could report the bug with a better description as "Nothing happens".

      The last, but not least. I would appreciate a better error message if the connection to the server is lost.
      I deploy my site
      visit my site
      undeploy my site
      hit a a4j button
      -> results in an alert popupbox which says something like "The awnser is null".
      That's not cool.

      That's all ;)! Every other part of your work is quite cool. I love it really keep on going.

      PS: I'm using the provided libraries of Seam 1.2.1