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    Monitoring JMX Notifications Between JBoss Instances - HOW I

    Paul Bandler Newbie

      I need an MBmean in one JBoss instance to monitor JMX notifications from another. Can I achieve this with the RMIAdaptor?

      I think not - I think I need to use the RMICOnnector and related stuff in "jboss-all/server/src/main/org/jboss/jmx/connector/.... but there is no documentation or examples of how to use it from within a JBoss instance. Something very _similar_ to the JBoss code is described in the JMX book but it is a bit different and as it is not JBoss specific there is no configuration details.

      I would _VERY_ much appreciate it if someone has an example of how to configure JBoss to support the RMIConnector and how to use it from a client.

      Thanks in anticipation,