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    Jboss as Standalone using JMX

    Surga Moin Newbie

      Case: Single Table data base generation.
      Data source in this application is a stream buffer which consists of comma seperated lines.
      I want each of that line to be stored in the database. Line has 5 fields. so created CMP with five fileds.
      i don't want to use a seperate client and make lookups and stuff. I want my JBOSS server to take the input which is a string buffer, and populate the database.
      to be more specific i was even planning to make a JMX service for taking my streambuffer and populating the database using an entity bean.

      I want some feedback on this approach and comments.
      if am out of sence, suggest me the best Go

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          You can do this from an MBean.

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            Surga Moin Newbie

            Well i started do'in that,
            I have a question now,
            When i wite a MBean , what i'm do'in is i'm making a
            lookup for the entity bean and populating it.

            I don't understand how different is this from do'in through session bean.

            I understand its a service now, and there is no need of any client code. But i want to get the explanation of the lookup which i'm doing, is there any way to avoid the lookup. or the way i'm do'in it is the right way.
            TIA Moin.

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              You don't necessarily have to talk to an entity bean. You can populate the database by using JDBC directly. You can do the same from a session bean. The difference is that for a session bean you need a client that 'triggers' the operation. When you register an MBean you can automatically enable the operation to the web management interface. You don't need an additional client, one is already provided for you.

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                Surga Moin Newbie

                Well i completely understood what you said.

                I am kindof exploring JBoss features which allows users to use in built j2ee Features effectively and also use the efficient architecture of JMX in JBOSS application server.

                I strongly believe that JBOSS is very versatile and should be explored for best utilizing the features of jboss.

                There are many standalone application out there which are developed with laborious ammount of code, for achieving some sever task.

                Why can't we use JBOSS for that standalone application as well, it is said that JBOSS performed only those functions which are ordered to be performed. think this will be a new branch where we can use Jboss and develop standalone application with at most ease.

                For this purpose i was just starting some application where we can use Boss for standalone applications.
                and i just wanted to get more knowledge in this direction .
                i would appreciate if any one gives some feedback on this.
                TIA Moin

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                  something similar to this has been discussed on the mailing list, by baxman