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    JSR77 Identifying EJB Relationships

    Jeremy Pitten Newbie

      Good day to you,

      Is there any generic (non-vendor specific) way of identifying which EJBModule deploymentDescriptor element relates to which EntityBean J2EEManagedObject?

      Let me put that another way...

      I've parsed a EJBModule deployment descriptor and find that it contains a number of elements, as expected the number matches the number of EJB J2EEManagedObjects referenced by the EJBModule. How do I determine which element relates to which EJB ManagedObject?

      Why the question?

      I have a J2EE Management Client which is trying to build a management model that illustrates both the managedObject containment hierarchy and the managedObject service hierarchy (by service hierarchy I simply mean to illustrate which ejb is dependent on the service of which ejb/resource). The client is building the service hierarchy by parsing the various deployment descriptors and assessing the EJBs and J2EEResources referenced by each EJB.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.