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    JBossMX Documentation

    rastinpurr Newbie

      I am new to JBossMX and JMX as well. I would like to used JBossMX, can someone point me to proper documentation of JBossMX cause I can't seems to find it anywhere. I can't seems to find Information about JBossMX over the net. Did a search on goolge but nothing useful. Is there any documentations / or related materials like the one offered by mx4j? The book JMX by Juha Lindfors used primarily Sun's JMX ri and IBM's Tivoli, why dosen't it use JBossMX? Is there any equivalent of say for example the com.sun.jdmk.comm.HtmlAdaptorServer used by sun's jmx ri in JBossMX. I really like to used JBossMX but it seems to me to be much more harder to gain resources compared to Sun's JMX RI, IBM's Tivoli, and MX4J. At the moment, I felt that MX4J is the best. My appologies, if I get something wrong. Please provide me with more advice. Any of them are welcomed. Thanks in advance.