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    Remote JBoss Management

    Murali Newbie


      We have an application running on jboss3.2. Is there any way we can start and stop the application remotely. It would be appreciated if someone could give us the complete steps involved.


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          Adrian Brock Master

          You can undeploy and deploy remotely
          see the MainDeployer interface.

          I don't think stop()/start() works correctly
          on the EJB interface.


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            Paul Casal Newbie

            Not a very intuitive thing or something you'll find in the documentation (at least the free one):

            - Go to the management console
            This would be something like http://localhost:8080/jmx-console/index.jsp
            - Under jboss.system, you'll find service=MainDeployer. Click on this option
            - Figure out the exact url of the application to manage:
            For this, find the method listDeployed() and Invoke it, this will list
            all the deployed applications in that server.
            - The rest should be easy, for instance to redeploy an application, just
            find the redeploy() method and copy there the url as a parameter, then
            invoke it.

            I look forward to easier to use management tools or at least better documentation of the ones in place, in the meantime we'll keep hitting our heads against the wall and helping each other,

            Just my two cents,