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    pb with the RemoteMbeanServer

    anis_zouaoui Newbie

      I am new in the JMX technologie I want to register one Mbean to an MBean server which not exist in the same JVM I am using RMI connector to have an RemoteMBeanServer and I failed to register my MBean from other JVM different from the jvm of the serverMBean


      So can you please help me and explain to me how can I use Jboss container for this purpose

      Zouaoui anis

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          Adrian Brock Master

          The MBeanServer only has access to the local
          jvm. You can access an MBeanServer remotely
          using a connector such as the RMIConnector.

          If you want to register a remote mbean in a
          different jvm one way would be to export it
          as a remote object and then pass it to the remote
          jvm with the MBeanServer.
          Each invocation to the registered resource will
          go over RMI.

          You might also want to look at the cascading agent
          in jbossmx1.1.2 or jboss4.