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    I need help with a hashMap via MBean

    Pucky Loucks Newbie

      there is an example in the jboss docs showing how to deploy a hashMap via a MBean. Here is my question.
      If I have a hashmap that is created via a reload properties method inside the MBean (reloading properties from an xml document and creating a Object that is stored in the key portion of the hashmap) what happens when I click on the reload if someone is trying to access it? would it be syncronized? i.e. do I have to do the following clone the hashmap? or am I ok.

      here is some code:

      private void rebind() throws NamingException {
      InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
      Name fullName = ic.getNameParser("").parse(jndiName);
      System.out.println("fullName=" + fullName);
      NonSerializableFactory.rebind(fullName, myHashMap, true);

      public void reloadProperties() throws Exception {
      try {
      Unmarshaller um = new Unmarshaller(ServiceActionProperties.class);
      ServiceActionProperties prop = (ServiceActionProperties) um.unmarshal(new InputSource(
      new FileReader(getFileLocation())));

      String serviceName = null;

      for (int i = 0; i < prop.getServiceCount(); i++) {
      serviceName = prop.getService(i).getName();
      actions = new ArrayList();
      for(int x = 0;x<prop.getService(i).getServiceActionCount();x++)

      } catch (Exception e) {
      System.out.println("FileLoadError : \n " + e.getMessage());

      notice in the 2nd snip there is a line that says "contextMap.clear();" what's going to happen at that point if someone/thing is using it?