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    Delaying JMX: dependencies

    rdb55 Newbie

      I've used the following keywords:

      delay, dependency

      I've read everything that I came across. I did not find a satisfactory answer. Here is my question:

      I have a .SAR file that contains a JMX service. JBoss tries to deply it before the entity beans it needs are deployed. I've read that renaming the JMX bean to follow the entity jar will help, but I've also read that SARs, are always processed first.

      I want to tell my JMX .SAR file to wait for the entity JAR to deploy before it tries. Is there an explicit way to do this? If not, what are the work arounds (besides renaming). Someone mentioned that by putting the SAR in the EAR with your entity JARs they cured the problem.

      I appreciate your help with this matter.

      P.S. - I'm game for a simple shove in the right direction. If there is no direction, please be verbose.