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    ModalPanel behaivior is wrong in IE ?

    Ed Greenberg Newbie

      Hi, I'm new to JSF and recently was assigned to fix some minor bugs in a small application. So, here is a situation.

      JSF page consists of several pages included using jsp:include. One of those pages has a modalPanel which displays "about" info about the application. In FF modalPanel behaves according to its specification, but in IE6 : 1. it blocks the page and 2. it is not visible (displayed under the content of the page and hence all the controls on it aren't accessible).

      There are other pages in the app which call modalPanels; those are the "complete" pages (contain <h:view>...</h:view>) and IE displays modalPanels called from them correctly ("above" the content on those pages). But the pages included into the main jsf page and hence which surround modalPanel code with <h:subview>... </h:subview> aren't displaying correclty in IE.

      So, I wonder is this something which can be fixed and if yes, then can anybody give me some points how to fix it or point me to some information on it.

      Thank you in advance for your help.