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    Using JMX in J2EE application

    kewlbee Newbie

      I am new to this user group and I am also very new to JMX concept. I am still learning the b asic concepts of JMX. My question is I have web application which uses JBoss as app server, tomcat as webserver and oracle as back end. I would like to collect the following information in a single Console.

      1. Session Information ( Average session size ).
      2. Transaction Processing -Web to servlet -Servlet to EJB
      3. EJB performance metrics.
      4. Tomcat performance metrics.
      5. Session Managment -Killing User Sessions( if they r doing something wrong and got stuck up ) -Session Context( wat is a user currently doing? )
      6. Number of Active sessions -Currently Active -Peak concurrent

      My question is, how difficult is it to collect all this information in once screen using JMX, I have been working in Java for a long time but still learning the concept of JMX. Could anybody help me out ways to approach this problem.

      Thanks for all the help in advance!