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    MBean Registration

    agrohman Newbie

      Hey everybody,

      i used JBoss 2.4x so far, but now i want to try 3.2.1.
      my problem is, that i dont know, how to register my MBean at runtime in jboss. In the old version everything was clear: an object name, my resource and there was a list of constructors.

      but now, what should i enter in the field <value map> and why cant i get the list of constructors anymore?

      thank you.

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          Juha Lindfors Master

          Create a service archive (SAR) and drop it in your deploy directory. Refer to the documentation to find out more about how to create *.SAR files.

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            agrohman Newbie

            Thank you for your tip...

            i already deployed my application

            but i want to create/register a new mbean from the jmx-console.

            in jboss 2.4.x there was an admin page and so on

            but now, i tried the JMImplementation page, and in the registration section there is a field called ValueMap. i dont know what to put in there (null doesnt work)