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    jmx-console not working

    giles parnell Newbie


      I'm trying to setup a build properties file where i can configure the required ports i need to run jboss and my app. I think i've located them all, but i still don't seem to have access to the jmx-console - and yet i can access my deployed app running on my webport.

      Are these all the required ports i need to configure?
      1) Webserver port in : jboss-service.xml (under the Class loading comment)
      2) JNDI port : jboss-service.xml (Under JNDI comment)
      3) RMI/JRMP invoker : ...service.xml(under Invokers to the JMX node comment)

      Another question is what is the difference between these ports and the ports you are required to set in the:
      - http-invoker.sar, and the
      - jmx-console.war

      Should these ports be different to the ones i've set above?