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    modalPanel in IE

    Ed Greenberg Newbie

      I'm struggling with modalPanel behavior in IE and honestly don't know how to solve this problem.

      One of the modalPanels in the application simply displays about info (doesn't have any forms). In FF it displays correctly above the content of the page from which it was called, but in IE it is visible "under" the content of the caller page.

      Can anybody point me to where might be a problem. Thanks.

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          Ed Greenberg Newbie

          Here are my findings.
          Because modal panel gets called form the page which is included into other pages, it is not rendered correctly. When the link to call a modal panel is included into the complete page( <f:view>...</f:view>) then it's displayed fine.

          So, I was wondering is there is a way to trick it. About link is in a toolbar page which is included into every other page in the application.

          I guess the question is weather or not there is a way to control jsf-rendering life cycle.

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            Sergey Smirnov Master

            richfaces moves a modal panel to the top of the browser DOM tree. The reason is exactly this issue with IE. Only the very first version of richfaces 3.0.0 does not perform this moving.

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              Ed Greenberg Newbie

              So, you saying that in the versions after 3.0.0 this problem is solved. OK. Will update my project with the latest version and see if it will work. Thank you for your response.