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    toni Newbie

      What is the difference with using createMbean and the instanciate methods in the MbeanServer.

      I can get the invoke method to work on my Managed resource.
      But createMbean gives an instanciation exception.

      Im using ModelMbeans with my implementation. I am under the impression that ModelBeans can be any java class which is defined in the xml is this true or should it extend an interface still?



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          Sean Radford Novice

          The difference between MBeanServer.createMBean(...) and MBeanServer.instantiate(...)? - Read the JavaDoc, it's all in their (basically the former only creates an instance of the given class and does not register it as an MBean).

          Never used ModelMBeans, but their is a whole package for them in the JavaDoc, and an interface named as such, so I would suspect you need to implement that ;-)