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    notificationListener socket problem

    barkochba Newbie

      I have a program that controls remote jmx agents and at the same time listen to events from these agents via JMXMP. Implemented using sun's jmxri, jmxremote.

      I bundled this controling program and libraries to my EAR, and load it to memory upon JBoss startup so that I can call this controling program from my EJB.

      The thing is, once I bundle it to JBoss, I can still make remote calls to the agents (JMXMP connection is estabslihed and working), but if I add a notificationListener for these remote agents, I will get an IOException saying the socket is closed.

      SEVERE: Unexpected IOException: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset
      Aug 13, 2003 10:58:50 AM GenericConnector MessageReader.run
      SEVERE: closing connection.
      java.io.IOException: The connection has been closed or broken.
      at javax.management.remote.generic.GenericConnector.writeAndRead(Generic
      at javax.management.remote.generic.ClientIntermediary.notifInit(ClientIn
      at javax.management.remote.generic.ClientIntermediary.addNotificationLis

      Anyone have any ideas why I cant seem to open a listener?

      Thanks in advance.