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    Queue creation nested in EAR

    Michael Lipp Newbie


      I would like the queues needed by my application to be automatically created when I deploy the .ear. Currently they are created by first deploying an appl-destination-service.xml.

      I first looked at some possibility to specify this in jboss-appl.xml, no luck. Now it has just occured to me that the queues are just services required by the application. So I simply included appl-destination-service.xml in EAR.jar/META-INF (first try) and then "top-level" in EAR.jar/. Doesn't work.

      Is there any way to specify nested deployments aside from those that come out of application.xml? (JBoss-3.2.1, by the way.) I have read about the "general configuration flag" for nested deployments which is "No" by default. Changing this is not really a solution as it changes the behaviour of the whole server while I just want some additional deployments for my application.

      - Michael