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    Attribute description in *.tld

    Alexander Belov Novice

      Good day!

      I have used Glassfish server for my applications. But now I have tried to use Resin. Now I have an exception about RichFases *.tld.

      My application is built on JSF 1.2, JSP 2.1.

      I see the following description in rich.tld:

       <description>The attribute takes a value-binding expression for a component property of
      a backing bean</description>

      According to JSP 2.1 Specification, static attibutes must have false as rtexprvalue. Dynamic attributes must have true as its value. Becides, there must be deferredValue declared (possible with type).

      It seems that Glassfish ignores this information. But there are real problems with Resin (maybe, with other AS, too).