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    jmx html adapter

    m.andrews Newbie

      the jmx html adapter (agent) in 3.2.2RC4-default does not seem to escape the proper characters in MBean attribute strings, specifically, '<', and '&'.

      for instance, if an MBean String attribute returns the string "", then the html adapter should display the literal string "&amp;lt;test>" in the html, otherwise it breaks the html model and syntax. currently, jboss does not do this escaping, and returns "", which depending on the browser, may be invisible (IE 6.0, for instance) or worse, since its interpreted as a markup tag and not as content.

      since this forum's posting software is filtering my '&' and '<" characters, this posting may not come out correctly --- therefore, i've put a pure-text version at http://xoba.com/jboss.txt