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    Java app slow performance within JMX

    duncanferguson Newbie

      I am working on a multi-threaded app that transforms and persists data using hibernate. I wrapped the app with an MBean and deployed it on JBOSS to some simple management (setting the number of threads to use/starting the app etc).

      When running with JBOSS with a reduced number of services (basically everything removed apart from JMX components, JMX Console and Jetty) the app performs 3 times slower. The code that is deployed on JBOSS has not been altered to work within JBOSS, the only addition being my MBean interface & implementation.

      Can anyone shed any light on why I maybe be seeing this reduction in performance?

      I am using jdk1.4.2, jboss 3.2.1, Linux.

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.