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    Scheduler deployment/usage problems

    a1ik Newbie


      I am using jboss 3.0.3. The application is deployed in server/name/deploy directory as a set of jar archives. When I added scheduler service as it is described in "JBoss Administration and Development" book, I had to put my target Schedulable class in server/name/lib directory and include the following to -scheduler-service.xml:

      All my attempts to place target-class.jar into deploy directory ended with class not found exception at jboss startup time. I guess I can live with the target class located in lib directory, however now I experience another problem: my target object can't find my application classes located in deploy directory.

      I am sure I am missing something. I read all available documentation about jboss Scheduler usage but couldn't find any answer for my problems there. I will greatly appreciate any help.