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    Help in deploying MBeans

    kchillar Newbie

      Hi I am new to JBoss. I want to deploy a java application as MBean ( I think JBoss does not support application-client.xml like other j2ee servers )

      I have searched in Jboss forums and tried to create a MBean.

      I am deploying one application as hsbc.ear which contains ejb module hsbc-ejb.jar and a web module hsbc-web.jar.

      my hsbc-ejb.jar and hsbc-web.jar uses hsbc-classes.jar ( hsbc-classes.jar is packaged and deployed in hsbc.ear)

      Both of them are working fine.

      here is my application.xml I am using to deploy these apps.



      My question is ? I want to create an Application client which runs as stand alone java program . For that I have created the following my-service.xml. How do I specify the code base (which is hsbc-classes.jar ) . I cannot copy hsbc-classes.jar directly into deploy as classloader says duplicate classes .

      Can any body give example or apointer.



      Thanks for any help