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    JBOSS runaway thread consume all the cpu time

    supterlobster Newbie

      We are runing jboss2.4.6&tomcat4.02 on solaris2.6-8 (will upgrade to 3.2.1 soon). Periodically, we would notice the jboss JVM suddenly consume more 70% of the cpu time, however, we could not find any thing suspicious from the server log. We even tried to redeploy or restart the ears, wars and mbeans (not 100% complete), still no good. The symptom is that once this started, it will go like this forever.

      We have web-apps, mdbs and home-made mbeans(xadatasources, ftp service, etc) installed in jboss.
      My question is - Is there any way to check the threads in the JVM, so we can decide who gets hold of the cpu? Anybody saw the similiar problems?

      Thanks in advance,