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    JbossMX architecture

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      I was wondering if anyone of you can help me understand the architecture of JBOSS. To my understanding JBOSS runs on top of JMX -- the components that make up JBOSS all register with a JMX MBeanServer. What isnt clear to me is how do the components that register with the MBeanServer communicate wit each other. Is JMX simply there to provide a Context, and components find each other via JNDI, or does JMX play a role in how components find and talk to each other? Can anyone please shed some light? For example if added a custom service to JBOSS that needs to interact with the TransactionManager, would I just be required to grab a handle to it from JNDI. Im interested in the architecture of JBOSS froma service/component developer point of view, not an end user of JBOSS. Any feed back will be greatly appreciated.

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      - Reed

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          Ideally, the communication should occur through the MBean server to avoid tight coupling between the services. This can be accomplised by using JMX object names as part of the invocations to the MBean server interface rather than references from JNDI.

          -- Juha