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    Using mx4j inside jboss's web container

    Daniel Newbie


      I suspect that this matter is not of direct concern of this list, but here goes anyway.

      I have tried to make a call from a web app to a mx4j mbean server (1.1.1). The web app is hosted on jboss's web container, jetty. (jboss 3.0.7) There are some issues with class loading, but using non java2 classloading in the webcontainer solves those.

      I am able to connect to the jmx server, get a reference to a RemoteMBeanServer object, but when I call a method like getAttribute() on the mbean server reference, I get socket exceptions, like :

      connection reset by peer.
      software caused connection to abort. socket write error.

      Has anybody tried to do something similar ? Can anybody give a hint ?

      Daniel Santos