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    Redeployment issue

    jeaglesv Newbie

      When I redeploy an ear without restarting the server, the server seems to retain multiple MBeans referring to its contained jar/war. Right now, this seems to be the root of a Jasper InvocationTargetException I am getting. When I restart the server, of course, the J2EE domain manager only shows one reference to the contained jar/war and the InvocationTargetException vanishes. I'm stumped.

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          jeaglesv Newbie

          I don't believe I was nearly specific enough in the previous post, so let me elaborate. I get the message:

          WARN [DeploymentInfo] Could not delete file file:/c:/jboss-3.2.2/server/default/deploy/tmp26596citaxi.ear-contents/citaxi-web.war restart will delete it.

          Why is JBoss not able to remove the war after the undeployment of its parent ear and is there something I can do to change that?

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            Adrian Brock Master

            Use an operating system with a file system that doesn't
            have a broken locking policy.