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    Regarding sample-bindings.xml

    Srivatsan Newbie


      In JBoss-3.2.2, in the file sample-bindings.xml, the following services have the same port value.

      (1) jboss.jca:service=ManagedConnectionFactory,name=DefaultDS
      (2) jboss:service=Hypersonic

      The port values are same for the above services in all configurations (ports-default, ports-01, ports-02)
      What is the use of the first service and where is it packaged and why is the values same for the two services?

      Before JBoss server startup, we will be doing a resource check to ensure whether all the ports specified for this JBoss instance are free. If all the ports are not free the server will not be started.

      When two services has the same port value as above, this check will fail.

      Srivatsan. P